Freelance SEO Specialist:
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I’ve helped many fintech businesses take control of their search traffic through effective analysis and strategy based on specific business goals.

I can help you to:

  • Diagnose your SEO problems
  • Recover from search penalties
  • Create an intelligent SEO strategy
  • Implement a multi language SEO strategy

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How SEO Consultancy Works

My job as a freelance SEO consultant is to create an SEO strategy that directly aligns to your business goals and there is a specific way that I like to achieve that.

All of our sessions will be done through video calls and I’ll send you a summary email/pdf with actions & next steps along with 30-days support.


Pre-Call Survey

Before our first session, you will fill out a form about your website, your current SEO problems and what you want to achieve from the consultation. You will also need to grant temporary access to GSC (optional).


The Call

Next, we will jump on a 1-hour video call together that is purely focused on talking you through all of the problems and specific solutions. I’ll also be making several specific quick win recommendations that you should implement immediately.


Research & Investigation

I will take your survey and then do all of the necessary research and investigation into your specific problems. Whilst doing so, I will also be conducting my own audit to discover any additional problems you aren’t aware of.


Plan of Attack Delivery

After the call, I will write up a step by step plan of attack for you to integrate. I’ll also send you a copy of the call recording and be available to answer any follow-up questions you have during the next 30 days.

How To Book

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