Voice Over Services

We provide voice-over localization services that will give your recordings worldwide reach. Whether you have e-Learning content, audiobooks, or app material that needs to be globalized, our team will localize your voice-over script and professionally record it so that your project caters to any local audience.

Our service comes with 173 voices from 27 different languages. Regional variations are also available for select languages, such as Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, and US Spanish.

About This Service

Some clients provide us with a translated script, ready for recording. Most of the time, however, they want their source script localized into another language(s) before it goes to the studio. In this case, we locate the most qualified, mother-tongue linguist to handle your script translation and localization and ensure that it is written equivalently to the original.

Make sure your brand has its own voice. 

Educational Videos

We can localize your educational videos so that all your visitors can learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.

Trading Courses

As trading courses are an essential part of any comprehensive educational program, we can localize it with professional voice-over in 27 languages.

Platform Tutorials

With our localized voice-over, you will have gone the extra mile to developing video tutorials that can serve their true purpose and provide users with exactly what they require: answers.

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